Open Water Advanced Wreck Diving Costs
— your introduction to the underwater world —

Upon successful completion, you will be certified to dive to a depth of 60ft/18m. At Graf Diving, we will provide all your equipment, including mask, fins, and snorkel. We make diving fun and easy.

We only offer small classes so you receive individual attention and plenty of time to practice. The maximum student-to-instructor ratio is 4:1 for all in-water activities. There are never any additional charges if you need extra time in the pool or the ocean to feel comfortable. Our goal is not only to certify you, but also to make you a confident diver.

This class consists of 2 academic sessions lasting approx. 2 1/2 hrs each, 2 pool lessons of about 3 hrs each as well as 4 dives in the ocean.
Open Water Advanced Wreck Diving Costs